• Dior's Medallion Chair Reinterpretation — 2021
    Meeseek 미식 | 2021-09-30 12:23:27

  • Dior Maison invited seventeen artists to reinterpret one of its iconic emblems: the medallion chair. A symbol of Louis XVI style that Christian Dior chose as soon as he founded his house, in order to seat guests at his fashion shows in a “sober, simple and above all classic and parisian” décor, as he recounted in his memoirs. The essential oval surmounted by a fontanges bow became one of the major codes of 30 avenue montaigne, the beating heart of Dior. feminine and sensual, it punctuated, in black and gold, or pink and gray, the bottles and coffrets of the house’s legendary first perfumes (from diorama to diorissimo) as well as in-store décor, starting with “colfichets” – the first Dior boutique, inaugurated by the founding couturier in 1947, where medallion chairs were elegantly clad in cannage and toile de jouy. Today, the house’s guest designers offer their visions and artistic and cultural sensibilities – from Japan to Italy by way of Korea, Lebanon and France – to reconceive this object of desire with boundless creativity. Among the most influential in the world, these artists have exhibited in prestigious museums including the MOMA in New York, the MAD in Paris and the V&A in London. an unprecedented and pluralistic collaboration, a reflection of the house’s timeless modernity that reinvents the Dior dream and lets it live on.

    In his work, Jinyeong Yeon transcends and diverts everyday materials to reveal their beauty and give them a second life. with this in mind, he has reinterpreted the medallion chair in two versions that are both raw and colorful. One is made of pipes subtly deformed by sand casting, while the second is crafted from sheet aluminum with diagonal striations reminiscent of the dior oblique motif. Inspired by architecture but also by the Dior runway shows and looks by various artistic directors, the Korean artist – who wore a pair of Dior sneakers throughout his inventive process – has transformed these iconic seats into ultra-contemporary creations that catch the eye with their magnetic charm.


    5th to 10th Sep 2021

    Artist —

    Jinyeong Yeon

    Hosted and Organized —


    Presented —

    Milan Design Week 2021

    Local Coordination —


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