• Lee Sisan
    Meeseek 미식 | 2021-06-07 21:48:10
  • Lee Sisan is a designer and artist based in Seoul, South Korea. He majored in interior design to explore the relationship between nature, artifact and humans. He identifies the essence of the material and make form of refined language. He conducts experiments in which man-made beings coexist in harmony with nature and maintain balance.

    실내 디자인을 전공한 이시산은 서울을 기반으로 활동하며, 공간과 사물을 디자인한다. 자연과 인공물, 인간 사이의 관계에 대해 탐구하여, 균형과 화합 그리고 공존을 이루는 작업을 추구한다. 그는 소재가 가진 순수한 본질을 바탕으로 정제된 언어의 형태로 작업을 완성한다. 



    Craft Trend Fair COEX – Seoul

    Emergence and Existence of Arbitrariness – Meeseek – Seoul

    Cheongju Craft Biennale – Cheongju

    Autonomous – IIee – Seoul

    Point Zero of the Haus – Meeseek, Musinsa Terrace – Seoul

    Unparasite – Platform-L – Seoul


    Apartopia – DDP – Online

    Ohdear Weekend – Ohdear – Seoul

    Resilience of Geometry – Meeseek – Seoul

    Refair – Giagaga gallery – Seoul

    Absence of Stimulation – WWW Space – Seoul

    Rend – Trnk-nyc – New York


    Juxtaposition – Meeseek – Seoul

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